The Dayton Convention Center is Open and hosting events safely.

Sep 13, 2021 | 0 comments

The Dayton Convention Center is open and hosting events safely. Meanwhile, we are working hard on first impression areas, re-branding and upgrading technology needed to operate the facility in an environmentally safe manner. Master planning is underway with LWC/LMN, our architect partners on the project. The MCCFA has secured their first bond fund to start the phase 1 scope of improvements…stay tuned!

Roof Repairs-Phase 1
Caulking/Sealing in progress – entire roof perimeter

Chiller and Cooling Tower Controls Replacement 
System running but wide open – new controls on order to remedy. Next up – Air handler controls replacements

Escalator Step Cleaning
As required by code regulations – complete this week

New Signage Continues
Office Signage Replaced Dock Signage w/New Logos

MCCFA Bond Fund
Major improvements for phase 1 will begin in Q4 of 2021

Repurposed/Reclaimed Wood – Concierge Desks
Exisiting DCC reception desk used for “live edge” Concierge Desks

New Ice Machine
With UV sanitizer system built in. Replaces 1 of 2 original machines.

New Carpet Extractor
High volume ride on carpet extractor – working on entire facility

Lobby Tile Repairs 
Correcting many trip hazards and eye soars – in progress.

New Catering Display Ware
Modern Tabletop Display ware to Impress our Guests