“Innovation Taking Flight” – Dayton Convention Center Project in Motion

Aug 31, 2023

It’s happening! So much work our teams are performing this week, and all while we are hosting events at the DCC with minimal disruption!

Our new front door in progress, the new terrace footers are being installed! Messer is hard at work with this first step to a completely new guest arrival experience!

Escalator modernization in progress, Kone has begun the several month project of modernizing our escalators at DCC!

Skywalk renovation in progress, the improvements have begun refreshing the 5th Street skywalk!

VIP Suite renovation in progress, a brand-new VIP suite/flex space undergoing transformation has begun!

SNEAK PEEK below!! Transforming the finishes in the meeting rooms. We’ve only just begun!

Bring on the new DCC! Thank you to the MCCFA Board of Directors for making this work possible and to our local business community leaders, who advocate and support our mission! 😊