Dayton Convention Center – Work is Underway on $40 Million Renovation Investment

Apr 13, 2023

-Construction is underway to renovate the Dayton Convention Center. The Montgomery County Convention Facilities Authority (MCCFA) is overseeing $40 million in renovations that will transform the Dayton Convention Center. Trend-setting designs and finishes, including a feature third-floor terrace and venue space, will create a vibrant guest experience for years to come.

On a recent hardhat tour, members of the MCCFA Board of Directors saw the first transformations taking place in the restrooms. When completed, a portion of the restrooms on the first and third floors will feature modern design elements, including trough sinks, artful tile, and resource-efficient water management fixtures. Upgrading the Convention Center’s core restrooms on the first, second and third floors will begin in early July. The center’s kitchen offices, addition of employee restrooms, and security offices are also being modernized, in addition to upgrading kitchen equipment.

While these design elements will create an exceptional guest experience, significant infrastructure improvements are underway to the building’s mechanics for comfort and safety. Four new air handling units have been ordered for the Exhibit Hall, new chillers are scheduled for 2024, and escalator re-modernization will begin in August. Improvements to emergency power, lighting and HVAC controls are scheduled. This work is in addition to the recent recoating of the building’s exterior with timeless colors, removal of the front steel structure last August, elevator restorations, and acquisition of mobile, scalable telescopic stadium seating in the Exhibit Hall.

An iconic third-story terrace will transform the exterior look of the Convention Center into an art-scaped plaza. In June, foundation work begins to prepare for the steel installation scheduled in August.  The complete project includes a sleek VIP suite overlooking the Exhibit Hall, electrical/data pockets in the Exhibit Hall floor, new finishes to the 672-seat theater, new skywalk finishes, an 18,000-20,000 square foot ballroom with light changing ceiling technology, elegantly refurbished Gem City Ballroom, new ceilings, lighting, upgraded meeting room finishes, and digital signage at each meeting room.

Renovations are expected to be completed in early 2025. The Dayton Convention Center remains open for business during the project, with a start/stop approach to minimize any disruption.