Progress Underway at the Dayton Convention Center!

Aug 10, 2021 | 0 comments

After 16 months of shut down due to the pandemic, the MCCFA is putting the new hotel/motel tax revenue to good use refreshing the Center and addressing many deferred maintenance issues. Larger projects will take place in 2021 to include renovating all first-floor restroom facilities. Stay tuned!

Roof Repairs – Phase 1
Entire EIFS Wall Cleaned/Coated/Sealed to stop active leaks. Skylight sealed/drywall replacement in progress.

Paint, Paint, Paint
Lobby refresh/wall coverings 3rd Floor and skywalk started 1st Floor Bathroom Stalls Front doors – color change.

Chiller #2 Is Alive
Inoperable since 2017, AF1 extensive “surgery” – we now how 2 chillers working.

Escalator Step Chains
Escalator 3-2 down went out of service-parts received and deferred maintenance in progress.

New Signage – New Logo
Front door logo vinyl replaced, new temporary way finding signage installed.

Restroom Renovations
Phase 1 first floor restrooms in lobby & ex hall drawings complete, ready to bid scope of work soon.

DCC Lobby Furniture
Meeting planners expect a high level of quality furnishings that are tech friendly.

DCC Elevator Cab Upgrades
Another first impression area that is priority. 

Duct/Vent Cleaning – Phase 1
Kitchen area entire vent system cleanedNext Up – Gem City BR and 3rd Floor.

New Recycling/Landfill
Made of 100% recycled milk cartons – focus on sustainability.