Clarifying Questions & Answers



Statement – As part of the architectural submittal process, a number of requests were made for past studies, event activity reports and other documents related to the planning for the facility and surrounding areas. Those documents will be added to the MCCFA website as they are generated or located. See hyperlinks below to some of the requested documents.

Q – Since the building was originally built in 1973, and very few renovations have occurred, what is the status of asbestos in the building?Has it been tested for it and if it hasn’t and is found, what is the remediation process?

A – The City of Dayton contacts have no record of the venue being tested.

Q – Are original or updated as-built / record drawings available to the selected team?This would include architectural construction documents, as well as structure, MEP, etc. What format are as-builts available in?

A – PDF files of blueprints are available and hard copies are on site at the venue in fair condition.

Q – What projects are currently underway / funded?For example, is the business center conversion already happening or is that work waiting to see what the selected consultant team would recommend? What about the immediate HVAC scope of work?  Or the roof?

A – Immediate work was necessary to correct active leaks at the facility. The EIFS wall on the roof has failed so that work has been approved but waiting on weather to break. A tarp is in place as a temporary remedy as of today. The skywalk had active leaks and the work has been completed, however this is a full replacement. A roof report is available and HVAC scope of work identified and reports available to the successful firm. The main skylight in the lobby and front windows are leaking. Currently working on quotes to get active leaks stopped. A full facility energy audit has been conducted and report is available. Kitchen work is started such as hood cleaning, refrigeration and freezer repairs, ice machine repairs/cleaning/filter changes, dish machine repairs. The DCC lobby refresh has begun as a first impression area. Patch/paint also taking place on the third-floor public spaces. First floor restrooms are priority, so the MCCFA contracted with LWC to complete drawings for the scope of work and when they are ready will be available to the chosen firm. The MCCFA has begun meeting with contractors to bid. Guest elevator cab upgrades have been identified, quoted and are in progress. The MCCFA has met with tile vendors to quote replacing the damaged tiles in the lobby area, as well as carpet vendors to replace very old carpet in the lobby and Gem City ballroom. Only preliminary meetings have taken place, no quotes yet. The business center work has not begun yet, the tenant occupying the space is slated to vacate mid-June.

Q – Who controls the attached parking garage?The City, the CC, or the hotel?

A – The City of Dayton owns the garage, and a third party operates it.

Q – Prior to the Pandemic, how busy was the facility (percentage of days with events)?This would be good to know when thinking about how to perform work during the event schedule.

A – Average of 150 event days, however the goal for 2022 is 200+ event days.

Q – As part of this project, knowing that this project is part of the Oregon District, is there any desire or potential scope related to further tying the CC to the district?  Any City masterplan visions with this hope or other ideas?

A – Activating the street level to “connect” the Oregon district is important to the strategic plan. We are planning to develop a Café that has both access to street level guests as well as inside access from DCC. See Café Rendering HERE In 2015 a study was completed for a visioning exercise of the “Nines” and how downtown could potentially be developed. See plan HERE

Q – In addition to the images included in the RFQ, are there additional contents of the LWC study that can be shared?

A – See #6.

Q – Can you share the calendar of events for the 2018 and 2019 schedule?

A – The City of Dayton software system expired prior to the MCCFA ownership transfer, so we do not have a comprehensive report to provide.